How to Remove Kaspersky Password Protection

December 21, 2020

Remove Kaspersky Password Protection

This article concerns Kaspersky:

  • Security Cloud
  • Internet Security
  • Anti-Virus
  • Total Security
  • Kaspersky Free

It is good to provide a password to prevent other users from accessing the Kaspersky application. So, anyone who wants to close the Kaspersky, change its settings, and remove it from the computer, must first provide that password.

How to disable Kaspersky Password Protection?

If you forget the password, when booting the computer in Safe Mode, it is only possible to disable the password for Kaspersky. Follow the steps below in order to reset it:

1. Download on your PC the password disabling tool from here.

2. Open the downloaded file.

Kaspersky Password Protection - open

3. Extract All after Right-click the archive.

Reset the Bitdefender product password - 1

4. Click Extract.

* If you want you can change the address to save it.

Kaspersky Password Protection - extract address

5. Restart Windows in Safe Mode. You can use this article to know how to start your Windows PC in safe mode.

6. In Safe Mode, run the KLAPR.bat file.

The command prompt will open.

The command prompt

7. Press any key on the keyboard. You will see a message stating that the password has been disabled successfully.

Reset the Bitdefender product password - 1

7. Close the command prompt and restart the PC normally

You will be able to make changes in the Kaspersky interface without being prompted for a password.

What to do if the problem persists?

If your Kaspersky application still asks for the password so do the steps below:

  1. Create a restore point. See the Microsoft support website for instructions.
  2. Uninstall your Kaspersky application using the kavremover tool. See this article.
  3. Install the Kaspersky application again. 


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